virtual timetravel into Berlin in 1914

This timetravel is based upon a map from 1910 which shows many details of Berlin in its boundaries of that time, that means without the neighbouring cities of Schöneberg, Neukölln, Charlottenburg, Neukölln etc.
The measures of the map equal a surface of 11,2 km to 9,6 km, so we decided to cover just the central areas of the city.
(see map below)

how to handle: enlarge or minimize the view with ctrl and plus or dash-button on the keyboard. Navigation via scroll bar or arrows on keyboard. Images appear in mouse-over-effekt. This version works best with PC / iMac / Laptop and mouse!
Click here for the mobile version for smartphone / Iphone / Ipad etc.
Information on the origin and the subject of the images appear in a pop-up-box above the image. The sources can be reached with a click on the red dots or triangles. Thus you may even find further images on some buildings. In order to present as many images as possible, pictures from before or after 1914 are used as well, as long as they represent the situation as it must have been in 1914.

Front or interior view of single buildings
  Panoramic views with position (blue) and range of vision
  aerial view with position of the
plane and range of vision.

Please click into the area within the red frame to start the journey:
map: Übersichtsplan 1:4000 v. J. Straube 1910, see Histomap Berlin des Landesarchiv Berlin 

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